Evolution Reflexology College

Together advancing the role of reflexology in healthcare and wellbeing.

What we do

Level 5 is the gold standard for learning reflexology. Why did we choose to teach it in our college?

So many reasons!

We want our students to learn to the highest standards available. Level 5 offers this opportunity for you through quality training to become a competent, expert and knowledgeable reflexologist, with the skills to set up in practice and to specialise in areas of health that you are drawn to. Our course covers many aspects of reflexology training that far exceed the requirements of most other courses, which will give you a taste of specialisms.

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We recognise that investing in our course is a big decision, sometimes life changing. The journey of every learner is special, and we know that everyone will be joining us for their own personal reasons. What we offer to all learners is access to our knowledge and experience. We share it generously with you because we want you to love learning with us, developing your own skills with confidence, and working with your own intuition to become excellent and knowledgeable practitioners in your own right. We support you every step of the way, and while the steps of every learner will likely take different paths, we will be there to help you to find which one is right for you.