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What’s it all about?

What is so interesting about reflexology? Why should anyone be interested in it? Even more, why would anyone spend their precious time off work learning it?

I was that very same person. I was working in a career I had known for many years, and had

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spent I nearly as many years looking for what I could do instead. So I didn’t sign up for my own training without some thought, but here’s the thing…I had never even had a reflexology treatment, and I didn’t actually even really know what it was.

Why would anyone do that? Why would you invest any money and time in something you know virtually nothing about?

Well, what I didn’t realise at the time, was that my intuition was already kicking in, and I just knew it was what I should be doing.

I’m not sure I realised at the time that it was my intuition, and I am pretty sure that if I had realised it was ‘intuition’ I may well have taken a very fast run in the opposite direction and never signed up for the course. Definitely too weird, too strange and too ‘out there’.

But, luckily I was oblivious to these concepts and did book on a course with Glenys Underwood in Lincoln. I’ve no idea what Glenys made of our first meeting (although she is a fellow Level 5 tutor now, and we’ve had some laughs since) but I was just thinking ‘What on earth is it all about? Am I really meant to be here?’

Every good tutor will tell you that challenge from their learners is good, we all need challenge to help us evaluate our teaching and ensure our learners are getting the best out of every lesson; developing their own independent thinking, enjoying their lessons, progressing academically. Glenys may well have felt challenged that day, we were an interesting group! I felt so many things that day: scared, lonely, excited, surrounded by lovely people, and proud to be doing something so hard. But, it was weird. I was cynical. I was sceptical. I was probably quite hard work.

As the weeks and months went on, it wasn’t weird, I wasn’t sceptical. I like to think I retain a perfect degree of cynicism to keep me in check.

Here’s the interesting bit. Not everyone felt the same as me. We all had our experiences of that day, but we all took from it what we needed. Some of us went on to have successful careers in reflexology, others used the course as a stepping stone to additional complementary therapies, and some just enjoyed the learning. Every one of us will recount a different tale about our time on the course, and that’s the beauty of reflexology. Every therapist brings a very unique dimension to the treatments they offer, a combination of the person they were when they started the course, the person they have become during the course, and the support, guidance and friendship they receive from their fellow learners and course tutor. A good course will enable you to identify and have confidence in finding your own true style, to take you on the next steps in your own path.

I’ll tell you about the path I took another time…

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