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When it’s good to be last…

I’m one of those people who don’t often mind being last. I’ve got children who spring up hills and mountains like goats, and if I minded being last I’d spend a lot of time being very upset. It’s just as well, because I get to enjoy the view and go at my pace without minding that everyone else is way ahead. I don’t even mind being last in quizzes, as long as I’ve had fun. I’ll admit though, it’s very satisfying to get a few correct answers that nobody else knew! It also brings me a lot of joy to see people winning who really, really wanted to win. It matters to them, and so I’m delighted to take a back seat and enjoy their success with them.

On the other hand, give me an essay to write and I want to be the absolute best, it has to be PERFECT! I don’t want to submit it until I can improve it no more. I definitely don’t want to be last in the list of good essay writers.

Photo of Alison running with piper playing in the background
Running made my dreams come true, and what a bonus to have a piper playing too!

When I was approaching 40, I got myself really fit and took up running half marathons. Now I am approaching 50, I am taking up half marathons again. Would I mind being last? Hmm…I don’t think I would mind too much, but I’ll confess I wouldn’t want to be finishing a long way behind the other runners. I might get a bit dispirited if the marshals had all gone home before I finished my run!

So when could it possibly be a good thing to be last? Well, when there are only two places left on our course, of course!

Our Open Days have proved so popular that the Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology course commencing in September 2017 is almost fully booked. So if you have been thinking about joining us, whether it be to have a change of career, enjoy learning something new, or just wanting a new challenge, now really is the best time to sign up and get your application in. There are just two places available – I’ll let you battle it out to see who wants to proudly claim the last place 🙂

I’ve been privileged to spend time with our new learners and it’s going to be a fantastic year. We’ll keep you posted with news as we go along, and in the meantime, here are some photos of our Open Day to give you a peek at what fantastic days we have had together.

Photo of reflexology books displayed at Open Day
We just love books…we think you will too when you start learning with us
Welcome to attendess at Evolution Reflexology College poster displayed at North Lakes Hotel
Welcome to everyone at North Lakes Hotel in Penrith
Photo of learners practising reflexology
Blissful treatments, and it’s only day one of learning!
Photo of Evolution assistants aka Harry and Katy
My star helpers, you helped me prepare so well for our Open Day!
Photo of room at North Lakes Hotel used by Evolution Reflexology College
All set for our Open Day












As always, do get in touch or leave a comment if you’d like further information. It’s always good to hear from you.


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